Monday, January 02, 2006


The "2 for 1 Jeans" Incident

I went clothes shopping the other day. I went into PacSun to see if they had an shoes I liked. While I was there I decided to pick up a pair of jeans. There was a wall marked 2 for $50. Once I found the pair that fit, I headed to the counter. But then, on the way up there, there was a rack marked 2 for $25. There is a pretty good pair of pants on them, so tried them on, liked up, went up to the counter. Now then, simple math says my bill should be around $37 or so. Well they rang me up....$70. WHAT THE FFFFFFF. That can't be right. I told them where I got from 2for$50 and one from 2for$25. They then proceded with this fabulous logic.

"In order to get 2 for $50, you have to buy 2. In order to get 2 for $25, you have to buy 2. If you only buy one, you have to pay full price....$45." When they said that, I was speechless. (by the way, I know 45+45 is more than 70, but this is how it all went down.)

So apparently, at PacSun, you can get 1 pair of jeans for $45, or 2 pair for $25.

by UberBrian

Good story. Consider it published.
thats really not a bad story, and these are really meant for stories that you (mike) would say "wow good story, you should publish that in good story weekly."
Sorry, I saw an opportunity and couldn't pass it up. I've got file cabinets full of stories about ignorance.....if material is ever needed, look me up.

do share Mr. Log. I would like to hear these stories.

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