Thursday, January 19, 2006


The "Bless This" Incident

This is probably a once in a lifetime story that is all about timing. The setting: my bedroom at school. Time: Late evening. The people involved: Me, and Rhonda S.

I was laying on my bed watching TV. My roommate Ben was taking a shower, and his girlfriend Rhonda was laying on his bed talking on the phone. She was pretty involved in her conversation, and I was involved with my show, so there wasn't much talking between the two of us. Well, what started it all off was, I sneezed and she said "Bless you". Because she is a nice person.

Well, I am not as nice and with the biggest asshole voice I had I say "Bless this" and proceed to let out the biggest fart of my life. I am talking this thing was marvelous. Long and loud, but more importantly, dry. Also, to make things better, I was kind of laying against the wall so it reverberated a bit, thus amplifying its power.

hahaha, it was great, her reaction was great. She just screamed and was totally grossed out. I was so proud of myself. whheeew, oh man you had to be there.

by UberBrian

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