Wednesday, January 25, 2006


The "Bowl of Pudding" Incident

One time, me and my brother were working out in a field and we decided to sit down under a shade tree and take a break. Well, my brother went down to the stream to get a drink, and while he was gone I took this delicious bowl of plum pudding and placed in it, not one, but two pieces of sheep dung. When he returned, I inticed him to take a bite. And as sure as I am standing here today, he did....he ate the whole thing....SHIT PUDDING!!!!

Want me to tell you the best part?

The best part is...I have no was me! I ate sheep shit!
Honest...true story.



this great story is from the greatest movie ever "Almost Heros"

However, i am not denying that UberBrian has ate "sheep shit"; his breath can be a bit funky sometimes. that a joke? Do I really have bad breath?

I mean, thats something I need to know. If nobody tells me, how else to I know to solve the problem?
uhhh... yeah i was joking... yeah thats it... your breath doesnt smell bad (giving you a cheesy smile and a big thumbs up).
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