Friday, January 13, 2006


The "Racist Comment" Incident

The first year I was at USI, Josh A. lived with me and Ben. Our other room mate was your little white thugish style kid. He befriended our two black neighbors Darnel and Lincoln. (We all became pretty good friends) They were both the rather thuggish type of black guy, but they weren't over the top obnoxious like most thuggish black guys.

Well, in pretty well their first time in our apartment, the two of them and Josh start talking. So we have 2 thuggish black guy, and 1 redneck who knows nothing of black culture. (but around here...who does really) They start talking about rather taboo stuff, like slavery, black guys dating white girls, and double standards. All of sudden Josh busts out this line..."I don't have any problem with black people, but I hate niggers"...............The room went silent. Myself, Ben, and Lance, (our roommate) just looked at Josh with our jaws on the floor. Darnel and Lincoln, just looked at each other it total amazement of what they just heard. As the 3 of us crackers looked for a place to hide, Lincoln just laughed while Darnel sat down to gather his thoughts. I thinked they realized what kind of ignorance to expect from our apartment, and just left with smiles on their faces.

by UberBrian (w/Josh's permission)

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