Friday, January 13, 2006


The "Slim-Jim" Incident

One time I had to go grocery shopping, and Josh A. was my "come with" guy. I some times get scared go somewhere alone, so I need someone to go with me. Well, Josh is the kind of guy who, when you are not paying attention will sneak something strange into your cart. And of course, the whole time we were there, he was trying to sneak as much stuff as possible. Well, he wanted me to buy him one of those long slim jim sticks, but I had already agreed to buy him a soda and a snack, so I denied the slim jim request. I told him to go put it back, so he did. I turned around to look at the meats, but when I turned back around Josh was already back. "That was quick" I said.

I thought it was strange how fast he was about putting the stick ANYWHERE then returning, but didn't really dwell on it. We go to check out, and the whole time he keeps giving the cashier weird looks. She didn't notice, but I sure did. I was suspicious to say the least. As we are walking out of the store, he starts giggling but won't tell why. As I am putting everything in my car, I notice a bit of restriction behind my arm. I reach back to fix it (thinking my coat was stuck on something) and low and behold, what did I find? A LONG SLIM JIM STICK. Well, Josh starts busting up laughing because he just made me shoplift.

I was torn on taking it back or not. I mean, it's just a 99 cent jerky stick, is it worth going in to explain the storie? At the same time, I didn't want to get busted for something as stupid as a 99 cent jerky stick. Well, we just got in the car and left. But, the reason he keep staring down the cashier was to get her attention to inform her that I was shoplifting. Lucky for me, no one knew.

by UberBrian

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