Thursday, February 02, 2006


The "Fuel Pump Ride" Incident

So I sold my old truck the other day (fart). It was to a 28 to 30 year old male. He was 6 ft and about 170 pounds. He had brownish hair with dark green close set eyes. He had on a black T-shirt with blue jeans and he wore some strange panty hose over his face. I’m pretty sure he had on a pink silky thong...but I don’t know that that’s fact.

Anyway, the truck had sat for a few months and had gained some unwanted rust and problems including a bad fuel pump. The ironic thing is I was selling my truck to an unlicensed man, so I offered him a ride to town for a new fuel pump. On the ride to town I was talking of my love for guns and hunting trying hard not to stare at his massive neck tattoo that ran the length of his arm. Then he turns to me and said, “I haven’t hunted in over 10 years” ( said with a red neck accent) “Beins’ that they took my guns from me.” I of course replied with a blank stare but there was no way to prepare myself for what was to come next. I finally found some words and replied with an, “Oh yah?” He replies non-chalantly with, “Yah, when they NAILED me with that whole ‘attempted murder’ charge thing!” Trying to relate with the unbelievable scenario, I broke out my “uncle charged with attempted murder” story too, trying to ease the tension. I told him my uncle spent some time in prison. Then he said, “Yep, I did too”.........SILENCE!

The rest of the trip went about how you’d imagine. We chatted a little here, I hid my gun there... I always wondered what it was exactly to get this neck tattoed man an attempted murder charge. Then, to end our special time together, he told me, “The reason I got out of Nashville was because of all those niggers!”......I should have known, Hate crime it is!

Story told by Brian O
Transcribed by Tracy O
Posted by UberBrian

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