Tuesday, February 07, 2006


The "Wrong Apartment" Incident

This takes place at school on campus at USI. There is about 8 people in our front room watching a movie, myself included. All of a sudden some random girl walks in the door and shuts it behind her. She looks at all of us....looking at her, and she says "Oops, wrong apartment." and leaves. Not but, 5 seconds later she comes back in and says "No this is the right place, there is just a bunch of people here I don't know."

She walks through all of us and into mine and my roommates bedroom and shuts the door. Nobody says anything. We just keep watching the movie. A couple seconds later, she just calmly walks out of our room, and out the front door.

Nothing was ever said. You know that poor girl was embarrassed.
In her defense, there were about three apartments with the numbers 818A on the door that were VERY close together.


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