Wednesday, March 29, 2006


The "Big Project Prank" Incident

One time at the end of my junior year, I was working on a pretty big project with four guys. Being the over achiever type, I worked pretty hard for weeks, and the night before the paper was due I decided that I had done my fair share and called it a night pretty early for me at like 8pm. I left the boys in the Science Building to put the finishing touches on it, and I told them I’d be back in the morning to turn it in.

Well, at about 10:30 I was fresh out of the shower and I got a phone call telling me that the electricity had gone off and the guys had lost a big chunk of the paper somehow and needed my recent copy. After trying to call their bluff and failing, I walked over to the Science Building. And to my surprise the electricity was actually off. Some sophomores were even out in the hall studying by flashlight. I checked the laptop (now running on the battery) that had the paper on it, and after some searches, I easily found an auto saved version buried in some temporary file. I was elated that we didn’t have to retype anything, the guys thanked me, and I went back to my dorm feeling pretty good about saving the day.

The next morning Nick and I showed up in our professor’s office to turn the paper in. Nick asked Dr. Roger’s to look over the new version of the Introduction. He laughed, and asked me to read it.

Basically, it started by describing how teamwork meant having to test your teammates to make sure that they were loyal, went into detail about how they turned off the circuit breaker for the 1st floor of the Science Building, and ended with something along these lines: “The hysterical part of the whole thing was seeing Janelle’s enlarged cranium after thinking that she could actually solve a problem that MEN could not.”


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