Friday, March 24, 2006


The "Drunk Loudmouth in the Bathroom" Incident

I went to a Nickel Creek concert last night. It was pretty good. Well, the opening band was this group called "The Ditty Bops". They were a pretty strange band, but I was diggin their sound. The lead singer was a girl. She had short purple hair, and wore a real strange plaid outfit that made her look like a clown. Only, I think she looked rather sexy. That was about it.

Well, after their set was over I headed to the bathroom. Our seats were pretty close, so I was one of the first ones in there. When I walked in, all the stalls were taken, so I was standing there alone waiting. Right behind me a guy walks in holding a glass about half full of beer. He slams it down and stands there and looks at me for a bit. (Now then, keep in mind, we are at the Victory theatre, seeing a bluegrass band, so the general audience is middle aged, easy going people. Some even snooty.) Well, his guy slams his beer back and looks at me for a bit, then just belts out....."THAT PURPLE HAIR DITTY BOP BITCH IS HOT AS F***! EH? EEEHH?? YOU GUYS KNOW, WOOOOOO!"

Totall silence. One guy at the urinal looked over his shoulder at him with a lowered brow. Everyone pretty well got out as soon as they could because this guy created such an awkward scene.

The whole time in my head I just wanted to go..."Eeeeeiiiinnapropriate"


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