Thursday, March 23, 2006


The "Josh Asking out a Married Woman" Incident

A couple of summers ago myself (uberJonny) , uberRed, and uberBrian, along with our friend Josh and my girlfriend and her roommate went on a white water rafting adventure. This trip took months of planning and very little money to put together.

We started our journey in Carmi, our hometown,we left very early around 7 a.m. and drove to Evansville to pick up uberRed on our way to Cleveland Tennessee, our Destination. It was to be a three day trip, with driving being a big part of two of those days. Six hours in a car can either be a delightful time to make fun of everyone we know and everything we see or it can be a time of fighting, for us it was both. It is always both for us. Anyway we made it, we stayed at a generic Days Inn, called the Douglass Inn, but it had roughly the same logo as the Days Inn. That night we were going to hookup with my cousin and hang out in Cleveland as well as get something to eat. Dinner went fine, other than I have never been to a restraunt with Josh, while he was single, and him not talk the entire time about how he thinks, no he definatley will, ask out one of two people, the hostess or the waitress. It never failed, and it never happened, anyone will agree with me about this fact except Josh. He talked about it, it never happend, end of routine. And the entire trip he wore a Cowboy hat and white t-shirt, I forgot to add that in.

The next day we went rafting on a small river named the Hiwassee, it was alright, but it kinda sucked. Nothing evenfull happened, that night we went to eat at a nicer restraunt, uberBrian tried to wear mesh shorts and a nasyt old McDonalds t-shirt, we stopped him. Other than that though nothing happend.

The third day we were all pretty tired, we hadn't slept much in the past few days and we were all ready for the Ocoee, which was the big river. We get up and get ready to go eat breakfest at Cracker Barrel, it was right next to the motel we were staying in. We get our things together because after the river ride we are going to shower and leave from my cousin's house. So I check everyone out of the two rooms we had and wait for everyone to filter out with their things, all of the guys are there, we are waiting on the women, who would think. Then an attractive girl leaves the lobby area of the hotel room. And Josh starts in again with his "asking out" speech. This time we got on him, and we didn't let up. He knew that this time he would have to actually do it, or get scrutinized the rest of the day. He looked for an opportunity and when she pulled out a cigarette he knew he had found it. Unfortunatley Josh had just quit smoking, again. Luckily for him he still had a few packs left. He got out of the van and lit up. Went over to start the small talk and to our surprize actually talked to her. They talked a minute or two and Josh was really starting to hit his groove, he was getting comfortable in the conversation and then it happend. Her husband (we are not actually sure they were married, but thats how we like to tell the story, there were definatley together though) walks over and casually says hey to Josh and him and the girl leave. Josh was left standing there, not knowing what to think, he looked sad. Im not sure if he was sad that she was taken or that we had all witnessed his crash and burn. It was kinda sad, but more than anything else it was embarassing and hilarious. We actively made fun of him the rest of the trip. It was great.

you need to add something to this story.

Help lay out the visual for everyone by describing what everyone was wearing.

Why, everyone else was wearing normal clothes. not mesh shorts and a white t-shirt ubermyrle would not use as a catch rag to a pretty nice resturaunt.
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